Piano Sales – New & Used Pianos

Are you thinking of buying a new, reconditioned or second hand piano? I can advise on where best to look, what to look for, and some of the pitfalls to avoid. If necessary, I can carry out an inspection on your potential purchase for which I would usually charge the equivalent of a tuning session. It is also well worth visiting the Piano Tuner’s Association website for advice.

Piano Valuations

Whether you are selling, insuring or simply interested, I can give a valuation for your instrument. Knowing your piano’s value is crucial when assessing it for re-building or re-conditioning.
Get in touch by email to tell me about your instrument. Include the name, whether grand or upright, the finish and condition of the case. The serial number (often painted on to the frame) is useful. If you can’t find it, estimate the age.
I can advise initially by email but getting a final and accurate assessment will mean a visit to see the piano. Again, this is likely to cost the same as a tuning.